Monday, October 29, 2007
posted by Dave Richards at 5:38 AM

Want to give a surprise party to a friend who is turning 30? The best idea, personally I feel, is to make the theme of the party to be 70's when the celebrant was born. Ask the guest to dress up in bell bottom pants like that of 70's, play the chart-busters of that time, make a board with pictures showing the celebrant's growing and newspaper from the day he or she was born. Or else the theme can be the number 30. Right from the cake to the party plates , make sure that the figure 30 is all around. Even decorate the room with 30th birthday special swirls and balloons.
While making arrangement for the parties, the preferences of the celebrant should be kept in mind. If the person likes beaches, then a beach-party can be thrown or one can spent really extravagantly then a party on a cruise will be worth remembering.

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