Monday, March 31, 2008
posted by Dave Richards at 12:47 AM

April fools Day is just a sleep away and if your birthday is on April Fools Day, it's better not to launch the party on the day. Your friends may think that you are trying to fool them and they may not come. Yes... that's what happened with one of my teacher! Believe me incurred a good amount of expenses and we didn't turn up. It was just a misunderstanding but he turned out to be a flop.

Well here are some really wonderful April Fool pictures ; click on these thumbs and get yourself redirected to a unique April Fools cards.

April Fools Cards -- April Fool Fun

It's Me With A Fun Game... Hee Haw! A fun game tail-or made to get folks smiling!
Wanna Make Quick Dollars... Share a million dollar smile with someone you know!

Take A Sneak Peek... Send this magic mirror to all your loved ones and show them how stunning they look.
Apre-ril Riddles! Fun brain candy that'll have folks LOL!

Sending You A Gift... Add an extra punch to your friend's day with this fun card.
A Cool Riddle! A fun riddle your friends/family will enjoy!

Best Day For Monkey Business! Send a fun quiz and have folks laugh out loud!
You And April 1! Pull a fast one on your friends and wish them on April Fools' Day!

April Fools Cards -- April Fool Smart Replies

You Got Me April Fooled? Puzzle the person who has fooled ya on April Fools' Day with this funky ecard.
A Special Gift... Add a punch on your loved one's day and get him/her April Fooled.

Smart Reply! Send a smart answer back to some one who's pulled your leg!
I'll Have My Day Too! A perfect prank to fool someone and make his/her day fool of fun.

April Fools Cards -- Happy April Fools Wishes

Know What I Jus' Realized? Trick your friend with this funny ecard this April Fools' Day.
I Found A Perfect Date... Help your friends find their perfect date with this prankish ecard.

It's Me With A Fun Game... A fun game to full a fast one on folks!
30 Dates! Liven up friends with this funny dating prank!

Talent Hunt! A hilarious prank that'll have folks share a hearty laugh!
April Fools' Gift! This card packs a lotta punch! Share with friends and make 'em laugh!

Monkey Around! A funny prank for everyone you know!
Monkey Around! Play a hilarious prank! Send a funny crossword to folks and wish 'em Happy April Fools' Day!

April Fools Cards -- Love April Fools

I Love Hugging You... Puzzle your love and fool him/her on this April Fools' Day.
I've Found My True Love... Play a prank on your sweetheart! Surprise him/her with this funny ecard.

Tulips! Send a riddle and flirt with your sweetie... at the same time!
Click For A Sneak Peek! Play a li'l prank on your sweetheart with this cute ecard.

Ape-solutely Funny! Pull a fast one on your sweetheart and wish Happy April Fools' Day!
Cool, Irresistible! Serve up a fun April Fools' wish for your sweetheart.

I'm Hurt... Surprise your sweetheart and watch him/her smile!
Everything Seems Rosy! Act flirty and then play a prank on the object of your affection. We guarantee that he/she will love it!


Thursday, March 27, 2008
posted by Dave Richards at 12:11 AM

Hey friends! April Fool’s Day is here and it also happens to be the birthday of Tom, a very dear pal. My friends and I have come up with an April Fool’s Day prank to give him a rather unpleasant surprise on his birthday! But that’s only the first part of the plan. We also have a real nice gift tucked away for Tom, something that will take him over the moon and erase the prank from his memory!

We have ordered a huge box. We’ll put Fred’s puppy in that. Now Tom really loses it when confronted with pups, he’s very scared of them! We’ll drill some holes in the box to let the pup breathe and then present it to Tom. The moment he opens the box, he’ll be a sight to watch! Then we’ll calm him down and give him his actual birthday gift – a watch that he’s always wanted to have.

Take our cue and wish all your friends and family a very Happy April Fool’s Day.

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Friday, March 7, 2008
posted by Dave Richards at 1:51 AM

Hey Folks! International Womens Day is just a sleep away and I'm sure you are really excited about reaching out to your women pals and girl friend with your special wishes. If it's your birthday, I know you are going to have a perfect Womens Day blast this International womens Day March 8.

March 8 -- the International Women's Day is the day that the women around you deserve to be showered with loads of Inspirational wishes for their struggle for better life. Click here to wish your women pals and your sweetheart with your soulful thoughts.

But if you know someone whose birthday falls on Womens Day March 8, and if you are looking for some unique way to wish them, why don't you see these Women's Day flower greetings. Here are some really wonderful International Women's Day flower thumb images that you can click on and get yourself redirected to International Women's Day flower greetings page. Wish him or her from the core of your heart on his or her birthday on International Women's Day.

A Women's Day Letter! A letter goes a long way to express appreciation. And this one hides a big bouquet inside to wish the recipient a beautiful day!
Happy Women's Day! Fresh cut roses perfect to wish a woman you admire!

Flowers For A Special Woman! Roses for the special woman in your life!
Women's Day Wishes... Send 'bright as springtime' wishes to a very special woman!

A Bouquet Of Wishes! Gather up a bouquet of happy thoughts for someone who brings happiness to you!
A Very Special Woman! Often we feel so lucky to know someone... but leave it unsaid. On Women's Day, make upto her... surprise her with an elegant rose!

Tulips To Say... Though you feel it... but saying it is important too! Wish a beautiful Women's Day to someone special!
Quiet Influence! As a mom, friend, sis, grandma... women often have the strongest yet quietest influence in our lives. Wish 'em on Women's Day!

If you are looking for an awesome way to strike your love with delight this Womens Day, click here and find some really thoughtful and romantic International Women's Day greetings.

Stolen Your Heart... Wish your sweetheart on International Women's Day with this beautiful ecard.
Woman Of My Dreams... Express your happiness for having her in your life on this Women's Day.

Lucky Me! Say how lucky you feel to have her in your life.
Sweet Inside Out! A card that's low on mush and high on love!