Wednesday, October 24, 2007
posted by Dave Richards at 5:12 AM

Birthday means getting a year older; birthday means celebrations; birthday means fun with your friends and family. But often as people get old, they tend not to throw any party as getting aged is quiet a depressing idea for them. But throwing a surprise party for the senior member of your family can really cheer them up and make them feel that they are cared.
For milestone birthday like 60th , 65th, 75th the retro theme can be a good party idea – it would bring back the memories of the young days of the celebrant. It would be nice if a gramophone can be brought instead of the CD player in accordance with the mood of the party. There can be different types of games like “Trivial Pursuit” as they say old age is a return to childhood. When it comes to food , importance should be given to light finger foods keeping in mind the health condition of the celebrant as well as most of the guests.

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