Thursday, September 6, 2007
posted by Casey Galatos at 5:18 AM

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Becoming 30 is really a big deal. Here's how to throw a 30th Birthday in 5 easy simple steps!

Step 1: Get the themed decorations - like 30th Birthday paper cups, paper plates, table covers and banners. You can have a fun and spoof birthday party by having an "Over the Hill" theme. You can also have an 80s themed party with the decorations, lights and music. Who doesn't want to party with Culture Club?

Step 2: Get drinks and food according to the theme of your choice. Remember you can also have wine or ports from the year of the person's birth as a birthday gift too.

Step 3: Get some gag gifts like laxatives, or adult diapers for the "Over the Hill" party or 80s tops like a pink sweatshirt, black leather pants or funky bags for the 80s themed party.

Step 4: Get the people together and turn up the music!

Step 5: Have Fun!

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