Tuesday, September 4, 2007
posted by Casey Galatos at 12:50 AM

This is the time that Virgos are reining. Any birthday that's going to come up until September 22nd is a Virgo birthday. So is your Virgo friend observant, dedicated, sympathetic, creative, organized, reliable, kind, sensual, efficient, witty, industrious or analytical and sexy as hell? They must be a really good Virgo.

There's are perfect poster/magnets at All Posters to give your Virgo friend that describes all his/her qualities. You can get tool sets like Rubber Maid's Tough Tool set or the Apollo's precision tools -- which are both perfect gift sets for him -- especially for the Virgo that is both industrious and meticulous!
Beauty spa/ salon gift vouchers or beauty, health and personal care sets would be perfect for her.

Any sort of furniture, plastics or stationery like pencil holders etc. would be perfect for both sexes of Virgos who are really organized. They would love those gifts too!

Check out who else are the good Virgos here:

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